Written Proposal (AdamBrown_CDCProposal)

The purpose of this document was to propose new tools, equipment, and practices to make the donation area of Value Village, my former workplace, a safer working environment for employees. This was an assignment for a class in my first semester. I provided a persuasive proposal that illustrated the current safety issues in the donations area and provided feasible and alternative solutions for each of the addressed safety concerns.

White Paper (AdamBrown_WhitePaper)

In this document, I highlighted the benefits of Alpha Brain, a nootropic supplement from Onnit, a human-optimization company. The white paper was targeted towards students, and how Alpha Brain could help them achieve better results in school based on Alpha Brain’s cognitive-enhancing properties as a nootropic. Also mentioned were the ingredients used in Alpha Brain, how the ingredients improved cognitive function, where to find the product, and different available variations of the product.

Value-Added Calculation (AdamBrown_Value-Added-Calculation)

In this assignment, we were asked to show the financial value added from a technical communications team to a software company in a fictitious situation. I demonstrated how a technical communications team could reduce costs by creating online documentation as an alternative to paper documents, how costs could be avoided from installation trips by creating a detailed installation manual for clients and illustrated the intangible contributions made by having a technical communications team able to revise and create documentation for different purposes.

Soft Copy Edit (AdamBrown_Garden-Manager_editAdamBrown_NoteToAuthorAdamBrown_Reflection-on-Editing-and-Approach)

This assignment was similar to the collaborative edit, except we were editing the work of a student in another program. The challenge in this edit compared to the collaborative edit was that there was no two-way communication between the author and I. Knowing this, I had to make more assumptions about their document and be more careful with my edits, taking into consideration that I didn’t have all the information about their assignment. We were asked to provide a letter to the author about our edits and a letter of reflection about our edits.

Redesign (AdamBrown_Redesign)

For this assignment, we were asked to take an existing document and redesign it for it’s intended audience, based off design principals we had learned in the class so far. A challenge I faced in this redesign was condensing a large amount of information into a confined space while still relaying all the information from the existing document with a design that made the information easier to communicate and comprehend.

White Paper Brochure (AdamBrown_Brochure)

The purpose of this brochure was to illustrate the points made in our white papers, with the challenge of confined space which greatly limited the amount of information able to fit in the brochure. Like the Redesign Assignment, we also incorporated design principals we learned in class into the brochure. The brochure was directed towards the same target audience as the white paper; students looking to improve their marks in school.


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